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Your company’s website is the foundation of all its communications and marketing efforts, so it’s important to get just as much back as you’re putting in. When planning a website redesign, you should start with a clear goal in mind. Define your quantitative and qualitative expectations so you can ensure that the final product meets them and maximizes your ROI (return on investment). Before starting the project, explore these ways to measure a website redesign’s ROI.

Designing Navigation With the End User in Mind

Navigation structure is one of the most crucial aspects of a business website. Making it intuitive, concise, readable, and simple will improve the site’s overall usability and focus users along your sales funnel, driving conversions and increasing leads. Therefore, you should plan the site’s architecture to minimize difficulty and maximize the customer experience.

If users can’t find what they’re looking for right away, it’s likely that they’ll go somewhere else. After launching your newly redesigned site, quantitatively measure success by checking its analytics for increases in page views, session duration, time on-page and engagement.

Making Website Design Gold Coast Search Engine-Friendly

Internet users make over six billion search queries each day, and it’s more important than ever to ensure that your buyers can find you on Google, Bing, and the other search engines. If the site has the design, architecture, strategy, and SEO it needs, you’ll see increased search traffic.

Increasing your site’s search ranking isn’t as easy as stuffing copy and metadata with keywords; instead, it should be left to an experienced agency that offers search engine marketing and search engine optimization services. With targeted keyword research, content development, PPC, retargeting, and other tactics, you’ll maximize your new site design’s searchability.

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Growing Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is essential because it sends valuable visitors to your site from other trusted, popular sites. This puts your content in front of fresh eyes, giving your new site the chance to turn visitors into leads and customers. Your new site should have well-crafted video and written content that attracts referral traffic. When planning a site redesign, be sure to have a plan to drive people to the site through email marketing, social media, and more. Once the site is fully functional, review those traffic sources to monitor the success of your efforts.

Increasing Unique Visitors

Bringing new visitors to a website allows you to create new sales opportunities. Although it’s great to have repeat visitors, attracting new ones helps you grow your prospective customer base. Building a new site isn’t enough; you’ll need to form strategies for content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing as well. Once more eyes are on the website, it should work harder to convert them. Measure the post-launch impact by checking Google Analytics’ New vs. Returning section.

Keeping Things Fresh

It’s one thing to update content during the redesign, but it’s another to keep adjusting and adding video and written content to keep visitors interested. Allocate the processes and resources required to support the new site after launch. A properly designed site with the ability to stay relevant and fresh should keep users engaged for about five years. However, sites that become stale lose their ability to bring in new visitors and engage with repeat ones.

Decreasing Bounce Rates

A bounce occurs when a site visitor leaves without an interaction. A high bounce rate typically indicates that your entrance page isn’t relevant to your audience. With a website redesign, you get the chance to reduce bounce rates by increasing engagement and relevancy. Some ways to diminish bounce rates include the implementation of intuitive architecture, the provision of high-quality video content, and using targeted marketing strategies. By measuring the site’s post-redesign bounce rate, you’ll get a rough idea of its ROI.

Making the Site Mobile Responsive

These days, almost 90% of visitors expect sites’ content to be visible on all devices. Especially on the Gold Coast, you see everyone walking around on their phones all day. Therefore, mobile responsive design is a must, and your website design gold coast will only succeed if it embraces mobile design. By creating a new and responsive design, you can expand your audience, cut the site’s bounce rate, and increase conversions and engagement by providing a seamless and mobile-friendly experience across devices. Once the new site is up, determine your ROI by reviewing site analytics to see data for mobile devices and desktops.

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In Closing

To make sure the improvements you’ve made are a success, tracking your results is crucial. Google Analytics provides a substantial amount of data, but for most businesses, tracking conversions is a bit more difficult. Whether you’re using a customized event tracking solution or marketing automation software, it’s important to measure and learn about your results. In a perfect world, following all leads to their source will give you the most accurate measurement of ROI.

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