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Finding the right digital marketing company to help grow your business is no simple exercise. With a glut of information online it can be hard to identify who is going to really connect with your company and help you make smart business and marketing decisions. Even on a local level when searching for an seo company Albury or even in neighboring towns and cities like Wodonga, Melbourne or Sydney, you need to be sure that the people involved will really understand how your particular company works. And more importantly how your target customer thinks! Something you cannot outsource overseas! Using an internet marketing consultant is often overlooked, but it can be the key to unlocking the glass ceiling and using the internet to it’s full potential inside your company. Many bosses go and hire SEO services and social media marketing companies but don’t know how to tie all those pieces in together to get a well oiled online marketing machine for their business. All these marketing companies are sending you reports, but do you know how to interpret them? Can you identify who to keep using and who to fire? What instructions should you be giving to your Google Ads guy or PPC management girl? That’s where Tell Media stands out from the rest. Rhys Nawodycz is the key figure in Tell Media that will develop your marketing strategy with you and keep coaching your company and anyone you might already have contracts with to reach profitable ROI’s… just like having your own digital marketing manager by your side!

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But how can you be No 1 on Google? That is the most commonly believed goal that a company needs to achieve if they are going to make money online. But it’s a LIE! Making money using the internet doesn’t rely on being No 1 on Google, as there could easily be companies that are ranking No 6 or 7 who are making more money than the company who is pouring thousands of dollars monthly into being No 1. How so? Sales funnel design is the answer. When people are searching online they are interested in being given what they want as quickly as possible, and unfortunately many websites do not give people what they want as fast as they want it. Why? They do not take into account the value journey that a prospect needs to go through before they buy. When you understand the mental and emotional position of your prospects you can then hold their hand, and have a conversation with them (in a digital way) to help them trust you and choose to use you “instead of your competition”. If you need help creating a value journey for your clients,so that you close more sales, build your brand and make more money than you ever thought possible using the internet… give us a call!

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