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You thought you were doing everything right by hiring a web designer, implementing SEO, and overhauling your site. Your visitor numbers are increasing, but those visitors aren’t turning into customers. Having an optimized, well-designed website is one matter; converting traffic is another. To do so, you’ll have to pay attention to how your audience is responding to the changes. Hundreds of sites have it down to a science, and here, you’ll learn what these high-converting sites are doing to succeed.

They’re Designed for the Visitor, not the Designer

Web design is a profession where most people are of like mind, and it’s rare to encounter opinions that differ from your own. Designers, unfortunately, are sometimes guilty of designing for themselves, not for better SEO or for the client’s audience. While some of their methods catch on, others gradually flame out because they’re unable to stand up to what’s required of them.

On the other hand, a user-friendly site has a simple, yet impressive design. It is simple to navigate, and images have short load times. Through technological advances, these functions are available today, so if you’re behind the times, now is the right time to upgrade.

Successful Website Designs In Albury Have Strong Calls to Action

A targeted CTA drives the visitor to take a certain action, and the best sites only use one per page to minimize confusion. Your site, and your homepage in particular, should have multiple CTAs, but all should encourage the visitor to take the same action. By creating a feeling of urgency, you’ll make your readers feel as if they have to sign up or buy now. Audiences’ attention spans are shorter than ever, and in many cases, the CTA is the only real way to get them to notice you.

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The Sites Offer Proof

Some sites, even successful ones, are rather nondescript when they’re discussing results. If someone plans to make a purchase, they’ll likely want proof that it will help them in some way. A high-converting site uses case studies, numbers, and statistics to document the company’s success. Not only does it give you bragging rights, it allows you to go into detail as to how you can help your customers solve a problem.

A Simple Checkout Process

A common mistake made by online sellers is making checkout unnecessarily complicated. If you suspect that your purchase process is partly responsible for your site’s low conversion rates, an examination of your abandoned cart stats will confirm it. When people leave before completing a transaction, your checkout may be to blame.

Successful, high-converting sites like Amazon keep purchase forms as short as possible, and they keep the number of click-through pages low. Using tools that allow buyers to save their card info is one great way to simplify the purchase process and encourage repeat business.

They’re Benefit-Focused

This is standard operating procedure for marketers, but those who aren’t in the field may not realize it. Today’s online brands often tend to focus site copy on products’ better, faster, and newer features, with no regard for the advantages provided to the user. On the other hand, a high-converting website’s copy is customer-focused. Which also comes back to the users geographical location, for example you are on this page looking for website design albury, so you need to find a company in the local area that can help you (that’s us by the way 🙂

It’s not all about how you see your company; it’s about helping visitors find the solutions they’re looking for. Talk directly to your visitors, telling them how your products and services can help. By taking the focus from the brand and putting it on customer service, you can build close connections that will undoubtedly result in increased conversions and more sales.

By veering the focus away from your brand and toward how you can help people, you can build a connection with your audience that will result in higher conversions to sales.

Forming a Plan and Putting It Into Action

Often, minor adjustments are all that’s needed to turn visitors into customers. However, before implementing multiple strategies, take some time to assess your analytics. If your checkout procedure isn’t driving people away, from which point are they departing? Finding this out will help you decide where to make improvements.

It may help to have an expert assess your site to determine where issues may lie. Once you and your marketing team know why people aren’t converting, test strategies over the course of a few weeks to see what works. Conclusion

Having a high-converting website doesn’t require a billion-dollar marketing budget; all you have to do is pay attention to what customers are seeing when they are on your site, and then, make it as user-friendly and helpful as possible.

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