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The advice and ideas we have received from Tell Media’s consulting services have proved to us that we are working with a very creative and forward thinking team. In an industry that is heavily regulated it’s not easy to setup marketing ideas and campaigns that actually “sell”. Therefore we presented Rhys and his team with a very challenging assignment to give us an automated flow of new bookings and consultations for our company!

— Michael V. , CEO at Valley Mayfair


Automate booking in new clients via a reputation marketing system that will cultivate leads for us on demand.
When it comes to managing other people's money, there are many factors that will determine how much trust someone will give you. You see the thing about using a financial planner to manage your money comes down to a see-saw effect of profit and trust. Everyone wants to make more money, but at the same time they want the security that they won't lose their money or that they investments are not going to lose value and be badly traded. So who can you rely on to not only protect your investments but grow them? And that is exactly what a powerfully setup reputation management campaign can offer prospects. We are able to show people that they can not only increase their investments based on real work market results, but also be sure that their money is fully protected to the Australian governments standard.


Hear It From Them…


  • Email cultivation system
  • Video updates for client accounts
  • Syndicating reliable news content
  • Social media updates and reviews
  • Reviews and quotes from high profile websites
  • Careful government compliance with all content
  • Writing a book

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