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Working across international borders and multiple languages is very difficult. It takes a lot of experience, understanding of language, culture & mindsets. These things are only possible with a well travelled and perceptive marketing team that understands the intricate demands of human psychology on an international level.


Build an international reputation of excellence. One that is felt cross culture and language.
One of the most overlooked but most powerful elements of conversion rate optimisation is: Reputation Management. Most people don't really know what it is and how it works, but every single day you and I buy many things based on "what we know about it". it could be a brand of drink, "we know" what we are getting and that's what we feel like. It could be going to a certain dentist because "we know" he is good. Why? Maybe we saw some great results that our friend had, or we have been to that dentist before and "we know" or at least seem to feel that the dentist is good at what he does. We trust him. And the same is true of medical centres world wide, even when it comes to new cultures and languages. Deep down we have the same human core, but what about when you're getting the treatment in a new country that seems to be hard to understand?


Reputation Management

The next part of the equation is communicating feelings in 2 major ways, 1- powerful imagery, 2 – powerful keywords that have been accurately translated into the language of the heart of the customer. When it comes to building a bridge of trust cross culture, you MUST speak to people in their own mother tongue, especially when it comes to medical treatment. Thailand hospitals have been an epicentre for medical treatment for people internationally, but in order to keep a clean brand and reputation, reviews, testimonials, galleries, branding, imagery and keyword analysis must be accurately portrayed to give the hospital brand a worldwide look and feel people can trust, and in the language of their heart (or mother tongue).


  • Use multiple website versions to test colours people trust in each language and country
  • Split test headlines and main points
  • Use pictures that convey respect & peace
  • Design a new sales funnel for each culture
  • Hire phone staff that are native speakers
  • Use local in each target country to speak on camera

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