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Our industry is really competitive, and people love to do a lot of reasearch to get the best prices they can. Therefore we need a good lead generation system so that our sales team could follow up and close the deal over phone!

— CEO, Personal Training Courses


Focus in on a hard and fast lead capture, so that the sales team could close over the phone!
Depending on your industry, some sales are better closed over the phone, as it's a time when all of a potential prospects questions can be answered and usually the type of service that people feel that they need something, its a necessity not a want. At least in their eyes anyway. And this type of sales funnel means a different type of website design, one that entertains and grabs attention and then gives people a really good call to action. Scarcity is one of the best tactics to use with this type of an offer.



When someone clicks across to the website, it can be very easy for them to click the back button. This is especially true when you are dealing with a competitive market where many people are just price hunting. But there is one major factor that can be used to your advantage if you sell courses and training, and that’s availability! Many people are busy and on a tight schedule, but if you can offer enough value to show them how good you are, then take that away by saying they probably can’t book in because you’re running out of spots, that’s a fast close. So keeping in mind whatever industry you’re in, be careful not to be deceptive with this technique, but use it well to maximise the leads you can get from paid traffic.


  • Lots of free reports and lead capture downloads
  • Scarcity of availability and timeslots
  • Value adding by using video and testimonials
  • Active social media accounts to get people involved
  • Talk to your client, answer their objections and ask for the sale

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