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“ Rhys and the team at Tell Media have done amazing work with our website rankings and Facebook campaigns. We went from around 1000 visitors per month to over 8000 in a very short time, business is booming online! ” Contact Us Today

— A. McGibbon, Marketing Manager at Morrison Kleeman


Needed to be across google search results for all local keywords in regards to buying, selling & property management
Morrison Kleeman has been working with Tell Media to have a comprehensive online marketing presence across most eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With 3 offices there was not only a vast geographical area to cover, but a huge amount of keywords across a number of different services.Buying and Selling homes is not the only service Morrison Kleeman offers. Therefore to create a multi-directional campaign that will also retarget and on sell complimentary products and services needed a well thought out marketing flow, and clear KPIs to help make good decisions along the way.




  • Do deeper research into the demographics of each potential customer.
  • Utilise cross channel promotion to cut down on ad costs but still reach the same people.
  • Have a compelling offer to build their internal mailing list.
  • Use email marketing and retargeting to cultivate relationships and make more sales out of the the ad budget.
  • Design ad creatives according to the seasons affecting the target market.

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