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“ From ranking on the 20th page to ranking in the top 3 on page 1, website traffic for Jadore went to over 10,000 unique visitors per month! When ranking for over 100 competitive keywords their business has had incredible growth and success”

— Jadore Hair Supplies


Simply to get as many page 1 rankings as possible, to build a strong brand and presence online
By being diligent with keyword research, Tell Media was able to identify 100s of keywords that were not only industry related but keywords that were "buyer keywords". Targeting the right type of keywords can mean the difference between a campaign that get's 10,000 visitors per month and only 5 sales, versus 10,000 visitors a month and 500 sales. With our intelligent team of keyword researchers we were able to make a vast difference in the quality of the traffic which therefore had a vast impact of the number of conversions made on the website.



Once we isolated which keywords we were going to target, another major factor needed to be considered: Brand Value. It was one thing to get visitors who were eager to buy, but would they keep buying over and over? And that’s where brand value comes in. The type of customer that we were targeting was B2B. Therefore once a sale had been made, we wanted to keep them in the internal marketing system and have them keep coming back over and over and re-ordering themselves. But a large drop off rate would occur until we built a brand that hair salons were proud to put on show. So we in effect had to appeal to the desire of the end customer, in order to keep the actual buying re-ordering. Sounds obvious but that entails a dual edged marketing campaign!


  • Design a dual edged marketing campaign that would simultaneously connect to the B2B market and B2C.
  • Dig deep into “buyer” keywords and understand what our ideal target market wanted.
  • Capture customer details and build a self serve re-ordering system.
  • Automate follow up emails to give constant reassurance to package arrival times.
  • Incentivise shipping costs with promotions based on order volume.

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