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Selling skin care is one of the hardest industries to be in! The competition is fierce, and the amount of branding and careful planning you need to do to avoid getting into trouble with government regulations is crazy! That’s why we were so happy with the branding, design, thoughtful sales funnels, advertising techniques and creative thinking from Tell Media!

— CEO, Inspirit


Build a large social media following to a level where they can sell their company!
The company's aim was to be bought out by a larger player. The branding they designed and appeal in their products would be one that other bigger players would want to absorb into their product line. Therefore this marketing strategy wasn't all about sales and conversion, but building an identity and fundamental value in the brand that would be seen as having asset and trademark value! Not an easy task, and it would take a lot of careful and creative thinking!



One of the most important areas of building a brand, is understanding who your customer is. When it comes to skin care, you cannot simply say that your customer is “women” or “men”. It’s just not that simple anymore, there is so more that is needed to make people feel special and to really start a dialog with your ideal customer. Your ideal customer has to feel like they have “finally found you” and your products. They feel like they have a connection and your brand is giving them a feeling they like! So the real aim of the game is knowing your customer intimately, then from there we were able to create a brand, look, feel, smell, touch, you name it, we helping not only design the marketing but also new products as well!


  • Organic look and feel with logos
  • Trademarked EVERYTHING
  • Free Internationally shipping abilities
  • Using Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Carefully designing all social media posts
  • Using interaction bots on social media

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