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“ The reason we chose to partner with Tell Media was based on their level of expertise and the range of skill sets they could bring into our business. They didn’t just do 1 thing, they knew how the whole system worked and that produced phenomenal results”

— CEO, Inspire Cosmetics


Needed a super targeted and super tracked marketing funnel that could produce "first click to surgery bookings" data
ell Media has been working with Inspire Cosmetics for over 2 years. Our initial approach started with analysing what they were truly up against in their industry. The cosmetic surgery industry is hyper competitive and every move is being monitored by fellow cosmetic clinics and surgeons, therefore the strategy need to be so precise and finite where Inspire could see the effects of minor adjustments to their campaigns and continue to maneuver and outwit their competitors in a variety of ways.



The 3 main areas that needed to be addressed when setting up their marketing and tracking system was the online platforms, then the website and software systems that would manage their enquiries and then finally the internal dealings with patients until they had a successful surgery. This vast network of procedures and interactions was also complicated further with Australian laws and regulations that needed to be followed.

Tell Media therefore implements its 360 marketing package. Starting with 100s of ads across Google, Facebook & Instagram they were able to isolate how and why people would interact with the Inspire brand. Then when it came to website, many questions arose in regards to the appeal and vibe the website would give to its prospects. Then the website needed to capture peoples contact details in a way that they felt comfortable with and paved the way for a follow up phone call. Then when a follow up phone call was made, what type of scripts and points were considered. This continuous process was refined and is still being improved giving Inspire an amazing growth rate, unseen in the industry!


  • Setup a large network of ads, keywords and hashtags that could be tracked from initial click, down to the booking of a surgery.
  • Allow for live data transfer between users, the Inspire tracking system and Inspire managers to make accurate and daily upgrades to the system.
  • Create a brand and quality management system that will enhance and track the reputation of the brand in the market place
  • Revise and review keywords and the negative impact of plurals and parallel products and services, to cut off dead weight and over spending
  • Redefine the customer experience by educating prospects on how Inspire does business, then sticking to that policy

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