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Sometimes it’s hard to believe if an advertising company is going to come through on their promises. I’ve tried a lot of things and been told a lot of stories and most people can’t deliver the goods, which is basically more leads, more jobs, more money. but Tell Media has done an awesome job and we are generally now booked out for a year in advance!

— Javen N. , CEO at Everlast Pools


Target a section of the market that are interested in high quality in-ground concrete pools. People who want the best, but also have the money to pay for it!
Creating a brand in the construction industry isn't easy. Most people want to see a lot of experience and have a lot of confidence that the company they hire is going to do the job well, and fix any issues that might arise after completion. Everyone knows or has heard of tradesman horror stories, therefore trust and reputation is everything. Therefore we created a brand and user experience that allows people to see all of the live work Everlast Pools is doing now, with social media and live video integration, lead volume and conversions went through the roof. Only with a full scope reputation marketing campaign could these guys get the type of clients they wanted!


Don’t Take It From Us…


  • Create a highly appealing visual gallery
  • Carefully monitor reviews and testimonials
  • Create an atmosphere of professionalism for the clients
  • Engage busy people in a way they like to communicate
  • Use multiple platforms, online and off to access people
  • Network with partners who would increase our reputation

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