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“ I have been using Tell Media for over 5 years. Now that says a lot because along the way I have tried many other companies as I have little trust in the advertising industry. So to still use Tell Media after this amount of time says something!.”

— Dr Mark Kohout, Plastic Surgeon


Needed to stand out from the crowd. Not only rank well in the search engines but be across all platforms and have a stong social media and forum presence
Tell media has been working with Mark for the last 5 years on a range of campaigns online. We have had campaigns spending thousands per day, down to tiny campaigns just targeting very specific geographical areas. Today we have evolved into supporting certain patients who want particular procedures that Mark wants to perform.When you are dealing with a plastic surgeon there is always an element of art involved, and each surgeon has certain likes and dislikes between each procedure.



Finding the type of clients who are interested in brilliant results. Not people who just want something done cheap and quick. Surprising to know that many patients “just want to get it done” and that is not the type of patient Mark wants to work with.

When someone is interested in getting the most beautiful and amazing outcome, someone who appreciates the artistic abilities that go into cosmetic surgery, then a person can connect with the passion and skill offered by Mark. Therefore the marketing we aim to deliver is Brand and Reputation based. People need to feel and understand who their surgeon is on a new level, and this allows us to attract the right people.


  • Reputation Marketing On Forums.
  • Social media presence that involves a detailed retargeting campaign.
  • Communicating with patients on a new level to understand how they felt when working with Marks clinic.
  • Split testing design and atmospheres created in the clinic.
  • Offering post operative support in a new way to create positive testimonials

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