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“ It’s been a pleasure to work with Tell Media. It was a set and forget occasion which is very rare. I told them what I wanted and we are really getting the results I had hoped for.”

— Takis Valasidis, Custom Boxes Director


Take advantage of all marketing channels available to show people the custom solutions we offer
When you are in such a big industry as printing, it's hard to get your name out there even if you have a new technology that no one else has yet. Price point is a very hard thing to compete with, especially when China and other countries can easily ship into Australia for 1/10 of what and Australian companies overheads are.Therefore find the right consumer was key to making sure we were spending our advertising dollars in the right place.



Nothing can be compared to data driven metrics. No matter how many ideas we have (which are amazing and we always test them) nothing tells the story better than metrics. We were able to get a new level of data by looking at the current database the customer had and see what their movements were online.

This enabled us to build powerful data sheets on what they were doing, and more importantly what else they were spending their money on. We could then build new offerings that could be sent to those people to get them back in the front door.


  • Analysing current buyers lists.
  • Tracking what current customers were doing online.
  • Building new offers that matched what customers were already spending money on.
  • Creating an education video to show why we are different.
  • Keeping in weekly contact via email.

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