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“ There is one thing for sure, Tell Media knows how to generate leads! It always amazes me when I have used a competing Marketing company to see what they can do, and they never come close. If Tell Media is onto it, then they kill it! And we are always happy.”

— Shaz Musavi, Australia Cosmetic Clinics Director


A marketing team that delivers a high quality lead, so that our staff only deal with seriously interested prospects
One of the hardest areas of the cosmetic surgery industry is the time consumed by our staff with patient reassurance. People are going to have surgery and it can be scary for them, so much time is spent explaining and showing a person what will happen and what the expected results will be.But unfortunately much of that time can be spent with people prior to any money being spent, and that can cost us too much! We needed to come up with a filtering system to narrow down who really is interested in surgery and who is just wasting time because they find it interesting.



With very unique KPIs we were able to come up with a strategy that gave us a layered approach to dealing with our prospects. The strategy involved self servicing prospects by giving them as much information as possible on the front end. Coupling access to all answers they could ever ask with the right technology and automation we were able to cut back on customer service by 40% whilst still maintaining the same amount of bookings.

We then implemented offshore online support which went around the clock. This cut down our in house staff time by another 50%. So from the start our staff now have 80% more time, which allows us to ramp up our marketing 5 fold to fill out there days.


  • Isolating KPIs to build a measurable sales funnel.
  • Understanding what each prospect was searching for based on each procedure.
  • Self service knowledge bases and automated Q & A technology.
  • Autoresponder email system.
  • 24 hour website chat support.

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