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ROI for All pay Per Click Campaigns


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It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Rhys. I can feel confident that his team is monitoring everything and they alert us as soon as we need to pay attention to something, update something or whatever. After 6 months of working together we were up over 300% compared to the previous year at the time! Can’t complain about that!

— CEO, All Star Pool Parts


Full circle marketing system generating leads and sales from SEO & Google Ads, then automate follow up to maximise conversions!
With an ecommerce store that sells nationwide, it's imperative to have a good follow up system so that all customers can be contacted seasonally. Especially in the pool industry, where the weather controls the sales and trends of the market, it's very important for our team to maximise the sales that can be made the first time someone visits our clients website, but to also have a longer term vision about "Free Advertising" and re-marketing over and over to that growing customer base.
As taught in our Think Tank program, the ability to create Free Advertising comes from a well designed sales funnel to break even very quickly and earn mass profit by not restricting scalability.


Hear It From Them


  • Downloadable lead magnets placed around the website
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Phone calls assistance and ordering
  • Product direct google pads
  • Automated Follow Up System for CRO
  • Product by Product keyword to sale tracking

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