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When should your Adwords campaigns run?

This is a great topic and it all comes back down the lifestyle of your target audience. If you are targeting young girls between 20-30, but they need to have enough money to buy your service that costs $5000, then they would most likely be working during the day. So what times of the day would they get online? Well obviously in the evenings, but also during breaks and lunches. So really we need to be asking many questions about the lives of the demographic we are targeting. Then when you have a good understanding on the target market, you have to then think about what landing pages and information they will be looking at during those periods of the day. This is important because you should not be displaying the same landing page at 1pm lunch time, than what you show them at 8pm research at home on the laptop time. Each of these times will affect how they interact with your website!

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