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What does it mean to be Data Driven?

In a world that is firing employees so quickly, people are resorting to starting their own business. This has led to a highly competitive business world. But it’s not just that, larger businesses are becoming so agressive in their approach that they are trying to steamroll anyone who gets in their way. This pressure is creating a new breed of entreprenuers who have realised that is they can figure out the metrics behind successful marketing campaigns, they do not need the money that a large corporation has in order to test out their new ventures. Gone are the days where you need to get permission and loans to see if your business would succeed. These days companies that are “Data Drive” have already done many tests on a small budget, and can see by results what will and won’t work. So when they hit the market place, it’s hard even for the big guys to catch them, because they are already on a slingshot path to success. The key then is to track everything in your marketing to a finite detail!

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