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“ Rhys and the team at Tell Media have done amazing work with our website rankings and Facebook campaigns. We went from around 1000 visitors per month to over 8000 in a very short time, business is booming online! ”

— A. McGibbon, Marketing Manager at Morrison Kleeman

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Needed to be across google search results for all local keywords in regards to buying, selling & property management

Morrison Kleeman has been working with Tell Media to have a comprehensive online marketing presence across most eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With 3 offices there was not only a vast geographical area to cover, but a huge amount of keywords across a number of different services.

Buying and Selling homes is not the only service Morrison Kleeman offers. Therefore to create a multi-directional campaign that will also retarget and on sell complimentary products and services needed a well thought out marketing flow, and clear KPIs to help make good decisions along the way.


The right strategy to compete in the real estate industry was essential to success. The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries online and when it comes to offering clean ROI for online marketing, it's also very difficult for any marketing company. Therefore Tell Media decided to dig deeper into the everyday patterns of the ultimate prospect for Morrison Kleeman. By asking the right questions, we were able to identify a range of new demographics that were not previously thought of, which in turn allowed us to target keywords that were not as competitive. We were then able to see fast ROI and reinvest more money back into targeting the more difficult keywords.


  • Do deeper research into the demographics of each potential customer.
  • Utilise cross channel promotion to cut down on ad costs but still reach the same people.
  • Have a compelling offer to build their internal mailing list.
  • Use email marketing and retargeting to cultivate relationships and make more sales out of the the ad budget.
  • Design ad creatives according to the seasons affecting the target market.


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