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Tell Media brings businesses the most sophisticated methods in Digital Marketing. Using tools like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, and Conversion Rate Optimization, we have successfully launched campaigns for over 500 companies across Australia and across diverse industries.

We believe that every company needs to adapt to the changing times. In this day and age, most people access their information through the Internet and other forms of digital media. Therefore, for a company to gain competitive advantage in today’s digital world, they should explore new methods to get their message across. Tell Media helps companies navigate the complex digital world—SEO, Social Media Marketing, and the like—at a very affordable rate.

We have experience working with companies in all stages. Regardless of whether your company is already established or just starting out, Tell Media can surely provide you with the necessary tools to keep up with today’s markets.

Explaining Digital Marketing

As the name implies, Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products and/or services through digital media like the Internet, mobile phones, and the like. Through Digital Marketing, companies can access new markets and interact with customers much more efficiently and at a lesser cost.

Digital Marketing makes use of different kinds of strategies and tools such as Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Wangaratta refers to maximizing the effectiveness of your website as it relates to the different search engines online. Search engines like Yahoo! and Google use advanced algorithms to rank the vast amount of data in the internet according to relevance. Search engine optimization is a way of tailoring your data according to the behavior of popular search engines. By paying attention to how your content relates to the rest of the Internet, your website is more likely to be prioritized over its competitors when certain searches are performed.

Tell Media uses SEO to help your company improve its reach. We approach SEO by improving and optimizing your website content while increasing your relevant backlinks. We treat each campaign as a distinct case and tackle each project with a customized strategy. Through a combination of effective research and the latest methods, we will be able to give you a unique campaign tailored to your target markets and intended audiences.

Ranking high on search engines can create a world of difference for your company. Through an effective SEO strategy, we can help land your company on the front pages of search returns.

Here are some of the things we ask before we make a campaign:
  • Did you consider innovating your website or even re-structuring it?
  • Do you have a PR firm that can connect you with potential customers?
  • Do you need brand awareness, website traffic control, or better leads?
  • Can your website be easily accessed online?
  • Do you have a mobile site?
  • Is your content noteworthy? Does it speak to your target audience?
  • Is your website SEO equipped?

Our six-step approach to Search Engine Optimization

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1.Market Research

We approach our campaigns from the ground up. We do extensive research on your market and the behavior of your audiences. Through comprehensive market research, we will gain insight into how your company can position and present itself to your intended audience.


The core of an effective digital marketing strategy is great content. Before we even take a look at the technical aspect of a campaign, we focus on content that is attractive, up-to-date, relatable, and relevant. By putting forth quality content, your business will be able to speak to your audience at a much deeper level. We believe that when great content is in place, the rest follows naturally.

3.Conversion Rate Optimization

Each campaign is dynamic and constantly changing. We make sure to track the progress of your website and other pages in order to find out which strategies work and which need updating. Using certain metrics, we will make sure that your campaign gets even better over time.

4.Backlinks & Promotion

By creating bonds with other key players in your industry, you can expand your reach and improve your visibility. We help our clients establish strategic backlinks that help drive traffic to your pages. Moreover, backlinks and off-site promotion improve your website’s relevance to popular search engines.

5.Technical Search Engine Optimization

A very important part of SEO is choosing the right words—words that are more likely to attract traffic from search engines and social media sites. Using strategic keywords, we can help your website and pages attract more customers.

6.Presence in Social Media Websites

Majority of today’s Internet users are on social media. Websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram can be used as tools to draw in new clients and solidify relationships with old ones. Through interacting with your target market on social media sites, you can integrate your business into their social circles and, ultimately, into their daily lives.

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Why choose Tell Media?

Tell Media offers sophisticated digital marketing with a personal touch. By equipping you with strategies to expand your reach and strengthen your online image, we can help take your company from good to great. Ready to reach new heights? Give us a call now and we’ll have one of our staff guide you through each step of your campaign.

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