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Pay Per Click, Content Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization are some of the services Tell Media can offer your company. Servicing over 500 companies across Australia, we are an established company that has helped businesses improve their sales and increase their online presence.

In today’s markets, companies must increase their online reach and improve their digital marketing strategies in order to survive. Tell Media helps your company gain competitive advantage at a much lesser cost than traditional marketing strategies.

With years of experience and expertise under our belt, we are more than equipped to provide digital marketing services to all kinds of companies.

Explaining Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is marketing through the use of digital media, social media, and the Internet. It helps companies connect with existing and potential clients online. Tell Media can provide your company with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Through our strategies, your company will be able to boost its online reach and connect to specific target markets. We believe that each company is unique; therefore, each company deserves its own personalized digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Geelong works by equipping your website and social media pages with information and search terms pertinent to your target market. The more relevant your information and search terms, the higher the likelihood of your company being listed as a top search return. Using our understanding of search engines like Google and Yahoo!, we will be able to give your website higher search priority and greater returns.

With Tell Media by your side, top-notch content and solid backlinks will be at an arm’s reach. We will help bridge the gap between your company and your potential and existing clients.

Listed below are a few of many things we consider as we create your customized campaign
  • Can your website be easily accessed by potential and existing clients?
  • Is your website’s content relevant and up-to-date?
  • Have you considered brand awareness, website traffic control, and better leads?
  • Do you have a PR company that will help extend your reach online?
  • Have you embedded keywords and terms that will cater to your target audience?
  • Is restructuring or re-conceptualizing your page an option that you might want to consider?

Latest Marketing Ideas & Technology

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Our Six-Step Approach To Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services

1.Presence in Social Media Websites

Here at Tell Media, we are more than willing to tap social media websites for your company. By increasing social media presence we can help you acquire more viewers and, possibly, even more customers. Exponential growth of your reach is something that can be easily done through an effective social media strategy.

2.Conversion Rate Optimization

Aside from the numerous services that we offer, we also find, track, and solve any and all the problems that your company’s website may encounter. We pride ourselves in our capacity to track the progress of your site and adjust your strategy accordingly.

3.Technical Search Engine Optimization

We will also embed keywords that your audience will probably use, to ensure that your website will pop up in most if not all search engines like Google and Yahoo. Accessibility is the key to staying afloat in society today, and search engine optimization will give you exactly that.

4.Backlinks & Promotion

Through backlinks and promotion, we will again be able to expand your website’s reach. Backlinks will be sourced via popular search engines, and promotions will give these backlinks that extra pump that it needs. Visibility online? This is the surefire way to go.

5.Market Research

Market research is obviously needed to be able to find out what your target audience/s want. Before any of the aforementioned strategies can be executed, market research must first be implemented.


Content is another essential key to be able to continuously pull in more viewers. We will consider new marketing strategies – ones that will hopefully help you further your cause.

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Why choose Tell Media?

Superior service and world-class marketing strategies are our calling card. We understand that each company needs its own personalized marketing strategy and we are ready to partner with you and take your company to new heights. Give us a call and we’ll be ready to schedule an appointment. New markets and more customers are within your reach!

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