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While your company’s site may have all the multimedia “sizzle” in the world, if it’s not continually attracting visitors and driving conversions, it’s not really doing its job. When your site isn’t generating enough revenue, it may be time to hire a search engine optimization or SEO expert. An experienced, qualified consultant will review your site, ask about your target audience and goals, and find ways to boost your site’s page views and search engine rankings. Here, you’ll learn which aspects are found in the best SEO companies.

Extensive Industry Experience

Unlike some other professions, there’s no governing body or certification for SEO. Anyone can set up an agency and call themselves a specialist, but that doesn’t mean they actually know what they’re doing. The bigger SEO picture is made of hundreds of small pieces, and it takes years of real-world experience to know what works (and what doesn’t).

Every site needs different strategies to succeed, and in marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. A real SEO expert with vast experience will be able to look at your site and know just what to do to help it gain search traffic, leads, sales, and revenue.

A Three-Level Approach to a Successful SEO Company Melbourne

Effective SEO involves three levels:

  • Technical SEO is the site’s structure, which determines how easy its content can be crawled and indexed by the search engines.
  • On-page SEO uses elements like HTML tags and keywords to bring more traffic to the site.
  • Off-page SEO utilizes processes like link building.

If the search engines can’t access all of a site’s content, all other efforts are useless. The best search engine optimization companies help their clients profit by using a multi-level approach.

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A History of Search Engine Optimization Success

It’s easy to make claims in SEO, and numerous online resources describe various strategies. However, making clients happy (and making them money) is another thing entirely. If you’re looking for an SEO consultant or firm, be sure to verify at least three current references to find out how the company helped them achieve their goals.

Marketing Skills

Once you’re past a website’s technical aspects, search engine optimization is much like conventional marketing. Content should be written in ways that list the benefits to the buyer while leading them further into the sales funnel. And, it has to be accomplished in a way that appeals to those who may be searching for your products and services.

Deep Knowledge and a Broad Perspective

Today’s SEO consultants must understand marketing, human psychology, the target audience’s culture, the social media world, web design, development, and analytics, content, viral marketing, business models, and much more. When search engine optimization is disconnected from these practices, experts make snap decisions that sometimes do more harm than good. Many so-called SEO ‘experts’ have gotten by with a narrow focus on SEO, but those days are gone forever.

Looking at the Big Picture

Does the company focus on conversion rates (turning visitors into customers), or is it more worried about search rankings? Ideally, the strategy should be focused on achieving a goal in the local area that it services, for example in Melbourne CBD or Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, rather than a specific rank.

A Good Fit With the Client’s Corporate Culture

During the course of a day’s work, SEO experts interact with IT, customer service, marketing, sales, and analytics staff; to succeed, they must work well with all of them. The agency’s integrity, personality, and communication style should be a good fit for the client’s company culture.

Effective Communication

On the subjects of communication and collaboration, an SEO expert should be able to tell a client why it’s so important to make changes to their website. It’s impossible for the consultant to do everything alone, so they have to be able to get their points across in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

A Can-Do Spirit

The best SEO firms and consultants have a passion for implementation. Those who like to work efficiently always seem to find ways around roadblocks and challenges, but they can’t do it without a client’s help.

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A Final Word

While knowledge is one of the most important qualities an SEO company in melbourne can have, curiosity is equally vital. Finding a consultant who knows every Google spider’s IP address is great, but finding one who’s curious about its inner workings is much better. A consultant’s knowledge may be vast, but if it’s not growing and evolving, it’s useless. When clients look for the above qualities in the SEO companies they hire, they’re more likely to increase site traffic, drive conversions, get more sales, and raise revenue.

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