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Email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep in contact with your prospects & buyers. Even tho people like to proclaim that “email is dead”, nothing could be further from the truth. It is still one of the most lucrative and low cost ways of monetizing new and existing clients.

What is customer-centric marketing?


You would be a mad man to send to a weight loss email list articles about how to build a retaining wall in your back yard! You know as well as I do that we need to send people what they are interested in, but not only that, it needs to be also based on what they expect from you. Therefore customer based content is vital! You need to excite them, so that they look forward to your next email.

There at every step of
your customer lifecycle


When is the best time to send an email? Well that’s a good question, but not the only one to be asking. You really need to be there for your customers and prospects at each step of their interaction with your website and brand. If they place an order what do you send? On Mondays what do you send? There a many things to need to be considered to offer 1 on 1 marketing.

Redefining campaigns
as conversations


People really don’t like being talked “at”. Like like talking “with you”. And that is the difference between an email marketing campaign that they can participate in vs a stock standard advertisement sent to their inbox. In the evolution of online marketing having a keen awareness of how customers want to interact is vital!

Technical best
practice execution


As simple as this sounds “they need to get your email before they can read it”. Now you might think that’s easy, but with an online world full on spam, it’s not as easy as you think to make sure your email not just reaches their account, but lands in their main inbox and not the trash! That’s where smart technology comes in!


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