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It’s really not the hardest thing in the online marketing world to get visitors to your website, especially if you have decent money to spend. But the real money maker is about how many of those visitors convert into buyers. Often businesses spend money on a certain form of advertising only to see no results, they then assume that the channel of advertising doesn’t work. But the real reason is the combination of their traffic source, offer to those people and sales incentives to get them over the line. Really it’s all about “how you go about it” that gets conversions, it’s not just about “doing it”.

Tell Media can help you “do it” right, so that you can make the best ROI on using various forms of advertising channels, and continue to increase your profits

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How Conversion Rate Optimisation Works

To show you just how powerful CRO is, when successful, please look at the chart below and think about the numbers you see there. Simply a 1% increase in sales conversions will allow you to target new traffic sources and still turn a profit as well as make a dramatic difference to your bottom line.

    • Advertising Spend
    • Visitors
    • Conversion Rate
    • Leads
    • Revenue
    • ROI
    • Before CRO
    • $1,000
    • 2000
    • 2%
    • 40
    • $4,000
    • $4.00
    • After CRO
    • $1,000
    • 2000
    • 3%
    • 60
    • $6,000
    • $6.00

(Please note the above is for illustration purposes only)

We work with you to identify potential improvements

There may be a range of ways you want to track and optimise your website for conversions. Some the steps in your sales funnel may include:

    • Making a purchase of your product
    • Ordering a sample of your product
    • Downloading a white paper or brochure
    • Joining your email list
    • Requesting a quote and filling in extensive requirements
    • Setting up a phone conversation with your consultants

There are many different “Key Performance Indicators” or KPIs that will help us build a sales funnel to truly make a success of your online marketing. Having a step by step approach is important, but that should be coupled with a complete system strategy that brings people all the way through your sales engine!


After initial analysis,
we need to implement the changes

Once we have identified the best way to go about planning your sales funnel, we need to implement it by creating the right web pages and tracking systems to order to have full control over what takes place.

Now, let’s start tracking your CRO performance

When the traffic starts coming in, we want to be monitoring the activity and engagement of the visitors to start noting down how the user experience can be improved. There is only so much planning one can do, but once it is live there is so much more to learn and be ready to change. This gives us a real life insight into how people are responding so that we can continue to get better conversions.

What worked and what didn’t?

After each testing phase we can carefully analyse what we next want to improve. What worked and what didn’t? How can we tweak what we have to make any part profitable? There are many questions to ask, and ways to improve campaigns. We will then be able to identify what makes you money and what doesn’t!



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